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DPF Process

The development of a new DPF begins with a thorough assessment of Original Equipment product. The development team reverse engineer the original equipment product to a molecular level using sophisticated processes in order to ensure that the highest levels of fitment and functionality are achieved within the final design. Our product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing prior to robust fit testing during the R &D process before manufacturing can be authorised.

Our culture is centred on focussed improvement and the highest possible standards of quality. Our processes are carefully designed and monitored to maximise efficiency and minimise defect.

Each unit is expertly constructed using high quality materials and efficient production techniques. Processes designed using a PFMEA approach ensures the product conforms at all stages of manufacturing. Quality controls at each stage of the manufacturing process are designed to detect defect and eliminate it from progressing further through the assembly process.

Remanufactured DPF
VEGE currently runs a small ‘pilot’ remanufacturing line for DPF's, it is ideally suited for short run production of ‘one-offs’ or low volume batches. It took us months of development to achieve the goals outlined by our OE client who requested that we research the opportunities to remanufacture DPF.

VEGE are now proud to boast that we are able to turn, otherwise “unwanted scrap” into serviceable DPF’s at a fraction of the cost of a new OE alternative.

Vege DPF Process


Tous les produits rénovés  par VEGE, y compris les pompes et injecteurs , sont vendus accompagnés d'une garantie globale de 12 mois. Contrairement à nos concurrents  VEGE a des filiales Européenne , dans l'éventualité d'un problème mécanique pendant la durée de la garantie, nous sommes bien placés pour qu’ un service après-vente intervienne dans la plupart des pays européens. Cette « tranquillité d'esprit » supplémentaire nous distingue donc de nos rivaux.